red and blue berries, cocoa, tobacco, cedar tannins

red and blue berries, cocoa, tobacco, cedar tannins

More Than A Delicious Cup

Coffee with a purpose. Ethically sourced, Fairly traded, roasted by hand, by yours truly, one small batch at a time.

So browse our selection of spectacular coffees.
Read the flavor descriptions, and when you find one you like, buy a bag. I’ll roast it and send it to you within 48 hours. How’s that for fresh?
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Our Approach to Coffee

We don’t subscribe to dogmas about roast color, the “in” thing, or whatever wave they say we’re in. We are adamant about taste and quality.

We believe that there is a fine balance between sweetness and aromatics to be discovered in coffee. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s like a symphony of taste and fragrance enveloping your senses, and carrying you to your coffee nirvana.

Coffee is all about love. The attention to detail and the never-ending push forward in finding a better cup can only be the result of passion and love. What we do is to express the love already present in the coffee, and to enhance it towards its peak.

You’ll taste love in every cup. Enjoy it.

Meet the Roaster

Jason Haeger’s love of coffee started when he was 8 years old.. before he even thought of a career in coffee. He went to college ready to become an architect, but something always brought him back to coffee.

In 2005 he worked at a coffee kiosk, and he was hooked again. Suddenly, he was participating in events like barista competitions and presenting in barista jams. Soon after, he started the popular coffee blog His love of coffee lead him to start a training and consulting business. But he wasn’t done.

He wanted more control over the coffee quality. The natural next step was starting AJ Coffee Company. Jason has been highlighted in various trade publications for his expertise on coffee. Learn more about Jason’s story and his vision by reading the Founder’s Note.

Our Current Favorite

Buf Cafe – Nyamagabe, Rwanda

Rwanda Buf Cafe

Jammy, fruity, tamarind, orange, and stone fruits, easy to appreciate. A medium-heavy body, with a full tactile profile remind us of  flavored gelatin before it sets. Remarkable!     GET YOURS!