Quality Is King

At AJ Coffee Company, we believe that quality is the primary means of success. We believe that if you serve an excellent product consistently well, customers will come back and do your advertising for you. We don’t fool around. We cup several coffees before we finally decide which ones we feel are worthy of filling your cup. We will never offer second best. Social matters? Ecological concerns? We understand. It’s why we do what we do. Drink better, live better, enjoy better coffee.

Educate Yourself

Our founder came from a background of specialty coffee consulting and training before giving birth to AJ Coffee Company. This means that as a company, we understand the business of brewing and serving coffee extremely well. While this benefits our Wholesale accounts the most, we felt it would be a good idea to give back. That’s why we have an Ask the Roaster column on our company blog. Rather than having a lengthy FAQ (which we may one day add), we thought it would be a better idea to field your questions and answer them directly and specifically.
Of course, our blog is an excellent place to learn.

Excellent Coffee – Without Compromise

Our mission is to sell excellent ethically sourced, artisan roasted, specialty coffee for  your enjoyment.  We’ve been told that we’ve ruined coffee for people forever.  We’ve been told that our coffee speaks for itself.  We’ve been told a lot of things, but unless it comes from you, we’re not satisfied.