Keffa Coffee, LLC is a leading importers of specialty-grade Ethiopian coffees, headquartered near the Port of Baltimore.  We are proud to offer the most extraordinary and unique selection of Ethiopian coffees.  With our strong commitment to sustainability, transparency, and the improvement of farmer livelihoods, our business focuses on the needs of our partners–specialty growers at origin and roasters in the United States who share our commitment and our Passion for great coffee.


  • We take samples from each bag and only buy coffee that scores above 90. All of the coffee that we buy at its origin is then cupped by us in our Baltimore cupping lab
  • We pay premium prices for the finest quality in order to encourage farmers to continually invest in quality.
  • We are always seeking improved ways to maintain freshness and protect quality all the way from the farm to your roastery
  • We work with transport companies who are experienced in handling green coffee and seek the most competitive rates for our customers
  • Sustainability – We purchase most of our coffees directly from farmers who strive to protect their lands, their waters and the well-being of their workers
  • Transparency – Our strong relationships at origin and direct sourcing approach ensure that the farmers who produce our excellent coffees get a fair price
  • Quality – We are constantly working with our partners to help improve product quality; to us, good coffee has two meanings– happier coffee consumers and higher farmer income
  • Traceability – We scour the African countryside to bring you the region’s best quality coffees sourced directly from the region’s most exemplary farms