AJ Coffee Company is Relocating to Dallas, TX

AJ Coffee Company is Relocating to Dallas, TX

by Jason Haeger

It’s official.  AJ Coffee Company is relocating to Dallas.  The move is two weeks away, and the lease for our new space begins in two weeks and 1 day.  Our new space will be located at the NW corner of Plano Rd. and Miller in north east Dallas.

You can still find our amazing coffees at the places you are used to, so don’t worry!  We are not disappearing, dissolving, or going away.. we are simply relocating.

My wife and I are originally from the Dallas area, and I am looking forward to working to helping to build the specialty coffee scene in Dallas, just like I did in Lubbock.

We are hoping to be able to build a small training facility in our new space over time.  We will keep this blog up to date with AJ Coffee Company news.

Dallas, watch out.  A new coffee pro roasting up amazingness to order is coming to your town soon.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in West Texas who helped to make our initial launch, and growth stage, a success.   We look forward to building upon what you’ve enabled us to accomplish.

Jason HaegerJason Haeger
Founder – AJ Coffee Company

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