AJ Coffee Co: Artisan Coffee Roasters

AJ Coffee Co: Artisan Coffee Roasters

by Jason Haeger

AJ Coffee Company is located in Lubbock, TX.  It is the early and humble beginnings of what we hope will one day be a recognized force in the high end specialty coffee industry, and a valuable contributor to its ongoing progress.

AJ is named for its founders: A husband and wife team. (A for her, J for him)

The name existed in the mind’s eye long before the means to start this operation were a reality.  Jason has been active in the barista community for 5 years now.  He founded Texas Coffee People, Espressotrainer.com, is a member of Coffeed.com, has been published in Fresh Cup Magazine, has been quoted in Barista Magazine, has competed in the SCAA South Central Regional Barista Competition (twice: 2007, 2009), has taught workshops in barista jams, and is an administrator for Barista Exchange.

You might say we’re a little coffee obsessed.  If you’re like us, you can probably agree that it is insanely difficult to be served a cup of coffee that you are happy with.  (beyond merely drinkable, or “good”.. we expect more than that from professionals)  We hope to deliver what we have always hoped to find.

Does the old adage, “Find a need and fill it” still ring true?  Is heart and passion enough to drive a fledgling company forward?  I guess we’ll find out.

Welcome to AJ Coffee Company.  We sell ridiculously good coffee.


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