Palace Coffee Company | Canyon, TX

Palace Coffee Company | Canyon, TX

by Jason Haeger

Patrick Burns | Palace Coffee Company Palace Coffee Company is the newest member of the AJ Coffee Company wholesale family.

Palace Coffee Company officially opened on July 1st by owners Patrick and Krystal Burns.  Patrick and Krystal have dreamed of opening a coffee house for 7 (yes, seven) years before finally making it a reality.

We were referred to Patrick by the previous owner of their much-loved La Marzocco GB/5 three-group espresso machine, their Mazzer Major and Mazzer Mini grinders, several frothing pitchers, and more legit serve-ware than we cared to count.

The environment reminds me very much of the Coffee Slingers space in Oklahoma City, which seemed to make Patrick proud when I said so.  Both places are serious about their coffee.

They are pulling Black Torpedo espresso and serving our single origin offerings in made-to-order french presses as well as flat-bottom batch drip if you’re in a hurry.  Custom blends will be on the menu in good time.

We are proud to be supporters and partners in what has been reviewed as:

Easily the best coffee in the thriving metropolis of Amarillo/Canyon.

A few other reivews:

I want you all to know that you have ruined me on coffee. I used to like Starbucks but not anymore. I just “unliked” their facebook page. You guys are the best.


Tested them today..Hadn’t been yet. Ordered my favorite drink……they passed. With flying colors.


Love your place!! Amazing coffee!!


Thank you so much for opening a FANTASTIC Coffee Shop in Canyon. Atmosphere is great along with the coffee. We have always said this is the only thing Canyon was missing.


YAY! Brought my kds there and we LOVED it!! Wonderful coffee, wonderful space and truly wonderful staff.


Visited this evening. Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Great place.

These were taken directly from the Palace Coffee Company Facebook Page, unsolicited from their customers.  There are even more to be found on their Twitter account.

After a brief day of training before opening, Patrick was already extremely close to pouring art.  The video below is of a Palace barista.  They would love it if you would click the link beneath it and VOTE for the video to support the barista’s pursuit of coffee excellence at home.  The most votes wins a $3.5K home espresso machine.

Offset Leaf

Palace is doing things right, with plans to do more this fall. Well worth the drive up North if you live in the Lubbock area, and well worth the stop if you ever find yourself within a reasonable radius of Amarillo, including Palo Duro Canyon.

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