Friday Steal Deal #2 – 8/24/12

Friday Steal Deal #2 – 8/24/12

by Jason Haeger

The Friday Steal Deal

On random Fridays, we’ve decided to offer Steal Deal discounts on one of the coffees that we offer.
We know that sometimes a little incentive is all that’s needed to make it worth while to try a new coffee.
And, let’s be honest, We don’t get to talk enough about why we love a single coffee so much.  We win, you win.  We ALL win.

So, What’s the Deal?  Is it Free?

Psssh.. You wish!  But it IS a great discounted rate.  We’re talking 35% off!
But what if I don’t want that coffee?  No big deal.  We’re still offering a double tax free sale of 16.5% off for the rest of our entire stock.

Cool!  But Why?

Because we know how awesome our coffee is, and we figure this might give you the chance to try it for next to nothing.  It’s also a “THANKS!” to those of you who have been supporting us since the beginning.
It’s not every week, though it may be.  It’s RANDOM.
So, check in every Friday to see if there is a Steal Deal for you to take advantage of.
If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Today’s Steal Deal is Finca San Luis

This has been one of our most approachable clean coffees in our current line up.  It’s not complicated, has an extremely clean cup profile, and has enjoyable taste attributes.  It’s also the perfect coffee to celebrate the last hurrahs of summer.

It’s comprised of the heirloom varietal called Caturra, which is famous for its light body and high acidity.  This lends it well to being a fabulous candidate for Iced Coffee.

This coffee is from Finca (Spanish for Farm) San Luis, which resides at the foot of the central volcanic mountain range (Cordillera Central range) in Costa Rica near the town of Sabanilla

Finca San Luis is a five hectare (12.36 acres) farm on the Cafetalera Zamorana estate.  Onlly 50 bags are produced annually, and of that, only 30 bags are specialty grade.  In short, this excellent coffee is rare.  The fertile, volcanic soils and mild mountain climate provide ideal specialty coffee growing conditions.

What about ethics?  We wouldn’t even offer this coffee if it were sourced unethically.  Once mature, the coffee is taken to the estate’s mill for processing.  The solid coffee pulp left over at the end of the process is recycled and used as organic fertiliser on the estate, while the waste water is filtered naturally in purification lagoons to protect the water table.

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The Fine Print

Only 1 bag per coupon, and only 1 coupon per customer.  To use, add the Friday Steal Deal coffee to your cart, in any variation you choose (12oz, 1lb, 2lb, or 5lb if applicable).  Good for 1 day. (8/24/12 – 8/25/12)
Apply the coupon.  Checkout.

You MAY share this deal with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, or anyone who you think might benefit from some AJ Coffee in their mug.


Iced Coffee!

(what, you thought we’d leave you hanging?)

We mentioned earlier that this coffee makes a fantastic iced coffee.  So, we thought we’d share with you HOW to make iced coffee.  First things first.  Read our “Home Brewing Basics: Enjoy Better Coffee at Home” guide as a primer.

The Basics:
Use less water for the same dose of coffee.

For instance, if you want to make 1 liter of iced coffee, use 60g of coffee, but only use .6 liters (20.28oz) of water to brew it.  Brew it directly over the missing quantity of water’s worth (by weight) of ice (13.52oz).  Alternatively, you can brew first, then pour over the ice afterwards.  Your choice!  If that’s too complicated, you can cut it down to a 50/50 split, but the results won’t be quite as well balanced.

What’s our favorite method?
The Iced Chemex

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