Friday Steal Deal – 7/13/12

Friday Steal Deal – 7/13/12

by Jason Haeger

The Friday Steal Deal

On random Fridays, we’ve decided to offer Steal Deal discounts on one of the coffees that we offer.
We know that sometimes a little incentive is all that’s needed to make it worth while to try a new coffee.
And, let’s be honest, We don’t get to talk enough about why we love a single coffee so much.  We win, you win.  We ALL win.

So, What’s the Deal?  Is it Free?

Psssh.. You wish!  But it IS a great discounted rate.  We’re talking 40% off!

Cool!  But Why?

Because we know how awesome our coffee is, and we figure this might give you the chance to try it for next to nothing.  It’s also a “THANKS!” to those of you who have been supporting us since the beginning.
It’s not every week, though it may be.  It’s RANDOM.
So, check in every Friday to see if there is a Steal Deal for you to take advantage of.
If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Today’s Steal Deal is Finca Santa Clara

Let me tell you about this coffee.  We LOVE this coffee.  It’s the primary aromatic component of our Black Torpedo Espresso, the base for Andres’s Morning Cup, and our most popular single origin offering to date.

It’s comprised of heirloom varietals, namely Bourbon and Caturra, which is a mutation of Bourbon.  The Bourbon varietal is famous for exhibiting a complex acidity with wonderful balance.  The Cuturra varietal is not quite as clean, has a lighter body, and a brighter acidity.

This coffee is from Finca (Spanish for Farm) Santa Clara, which resides on the Volcan de Agua (volcano of water) in the Antigua valley in Guatemala.  This is one of a small handful of farms that produces coffee in the Antigua microclimate that can be considered a genuine Antigua coffee.  This doesn’t mean a whole lot to us except for microclimate characteristics, but for you, it means that most of the coffees labeled as “Guatemala Antigua” aren’t actually Antigua coffees.  Antigua is also the location of the port where coffee grown in Guatemala ships off.  Don’t be fooled.

What about ethics?  We wouldn’t even offer this coffee if it were sourced unethically.  The coffee is shade grown which protects the plants from direct sunlight, maintains soil health, and provides an important habitat for birds and insect life. The Zelaya family’s mills are also eco-friendly. The water used in the wet processing of the cherries is drained into sedimentation tanks to prevent pollution of the local river systems and the pulp is transformed to humus by worm culture.

What do people say?

Well rounded coffee, it may be a single origin, but it’s like the best breakfast blend you will find. Roasted just right, not too dark or light. Chocolate fruit. Won’t disappoint.

 I want to make a trip to Guatemala strictly because [of] this coffee!

…Very clean cup. Delicately balanced acidity. …Flavor profile improved during week two, with the dry aroma developing a sort of marshmallowy sweet character. Interesting!

I don’t normally like coffee.  I’ve tried a lot of coffee, and none of them appealed to me.  But THIS.. this I love.

Click Here to Steal your Deal NOW!Code:FRIDAYTHE13TH

The Fine Print

Only 1 product per coupon, and only 1 coupon per customer.  To use, add the Friday Steal Deal coffee to your cart, in any variation you choose (12oz, 1lb, 2lb, or 5lb if applicable).  Good for 1 day. (7/13/12 – 7/14/12)
Apply the coupon.  Checkout.

If you want to add another bag to your order, you’ll have to place a separate order.  I know, it’s inconvenient, but it’s what our cart software allows.

You MAY share this deal with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, or anyone who you think might benefit from some AJ Coffee in their mug.

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