Good Bye, El Borbollon

Good Bye, El Borbollon

by Jason Haeger

El Borbollon drying patio - El SalvadorThe last of our already low-supply of the wonderful coffee from the El Borbollon wet mill in El Salvador was roasted and shipped yesterday.  If you didn’t get to try this coffee, you don’t know what you missed.  Caramel, creamy body, ripe orange zest.. it was a real treat.

Another coffee we currently have with a similar flavor profile is from Fazenda Monte Alegre in Sao Paulo, Brasil.  Like the wonderful stuff from El Borbollon, this too is in low supply.  It’s priced a little high compared to our other Brasil, but with good reason.

Keep your eye out for a new washed coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia coming to our web shop soon!

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