New Fresh Crop Arrivals

New Fresh Crop Arrivals

by Jason Haeger

They may be late, but they are certainly worth the wait.  South America and Rwanda crops have arrived.  

We are proud to announce that we were able to get a limited supply of coffee from the Musasa Cooperative in Rwanda, as well as an equally limited supply of coffee from Buf Cafe also in Rwanda.  The crops this year are absolutely amazing, and considering the fact that coffee is helping to improve the quality of life for the farming families who rely on it for survival coupled with the fact that these coffees are, well, AMAZING, the price tag is noticeably higher.


We still think, however, that this new “high”er price is exceedingly cheap for such outstanding coffees.

We will be introducing them one at a time, and first up is the Musasa Cooperative, which we identified as the better of the two on the cupping table (but only marginally).  Juicy, tropical fruit, clean floral notes, and black tea with a consistent mouthfeel at every temperature for the duration of its enjoyment.  HIGHLY recommend, and a steal for the quality that this coffee portrays.




We are also extremely pleased to bring back the wonderfully rich and complex natural coffee from Fazenda Rodomunho in the Cerrado region in the state of Minas Gerais in Brasil.  It is the backbone to our Black Torpedo espresso, and is a joy when  heavy body with chocolate, nuts, and a hint of spice are just what the morning ordered.


The last coffee on our short list of fresh arrivals is from the Páez Indigenous Reserve in the Department of Meta in Colombia.  This coffee is amazingly heavy, with a deep body and ever-changing spice notes of licorice, anise, clove, and cedar.  The ecological practices of this farming community of 40 families is absolutely stunning.  I’d like to encourage you to read more about it by clicking on the link above.

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