The Beginning Stages Of…

The Beginning Stages Of…

by Jason Haeger

It’s starting…

The first batch in the roaster.


The first batches of the real deal have been roasted. My father-in-law has a very good approach to personal progress. He says that the result is always “ok”. It is never “great”, because it means that you have stopped improving.  “Ok” does not mean that you are unhappy with your progress.. but you can never be beyond the point of improvement.  Always strive to improve in all things.  Wise words indeed. The website will launch within the next couple of days, and we’re hoping to start getting the business rolling along. We’ve decided on silver zip-lock pouch bags with a 1-way valve for retail packaging, and standard white valve bags for wholesale.  I love seeing the silver bags inflated as the coffee they contain continues its outgassing.  CO2 is heavier than air, and the valve is towards the top of the bag.  As the bag inflates, the CO2 pressure forces the air out of the bag, thus preserving the coffee’s freshness for longer. The only downside?  CO2 is a binder for aromatics, and these precious aromatics are escaping the coffee right along with the CO2.  This, in part, explains why fresh coffee is so much better than coffee that’s been sitting on a shelf or on a truck on its way to a shelf for too long.

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