Two New Blends added to the Shop

Two New Blends added to the Shop

by Jason Haeger

What is a coffee roaster without his signature espresso blend?

What is a coffee retail program without a breakfast or house blend?

Valid questions indeed.  We are answering both questions with two fantastic blends to fill each need.


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Black Torpedo Espresso Blend.  Why “Black Torpedo?”  Well.. funny story.

I used to be car crazy.  I LOVED my car.  I liked working on it, modifying it, washing it.  I used to wash it every week, and do a full detail (including clay bar, paint cleaner, polish, and wax) every two weeks.  I used to moderate a website dedicated to cars.  I was the guy everyone would turn to when asked, “how do I get more power out of this economy engine without forced induction?”

One day, someone suggested that since I was obsessed with coffee, that when I started a roasting business I should name a blend after the car.  The car’s given nickname was “The Black Torpedo”.. it was a little 1987 Celica GT convertible, all in black.  This espresso blend is fulfilling someone else’s idea that I said would come to fruition.. one day.

This blend reminds me of a certain espresso blend from a certain roaster in the Phoenix, AZ area who is no longer roasting.  This was unintentional, but since I was quite familiar with said blend (having used it in competition), I decided that it would make a great all-around shot of espresso.

It has a HUGE body, chocolate on the finish, nice acidity, and a tannic quality.  It has enough flavor to stand alone, and it has enough body to shine through a 20oz. mocha latte.  (I don’t drink those, but there are enough people who do to warrant thinking about it while developing a blend)

I’d like to put out another espresso blend for those straight shot aficionados who prefer clarity and less body.. eventually.

On to the next one.


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No, Andres is not the A in AJ.  (that would be my wife.  The J is for Jason.. that’s me.)  Andres is a friend of mine who was a groomsman in our wedding, a roommate during college, and he helped engineer the ducting for our roaster.  He is also mechanically brilliant.  I would serve him coffee, and he would never finish it.  I gave him a Senseo machine for his caffeine fix.  He said that the lower brew temperature made the coffee easier on the stomach, and the convenience of the machine meant that he would be more inclined to have coffee more often.

He has since moved to central Texas, but before he left, he told me that I should name a blend after him.  This blend is smooth, easy to drink, and everything that a House Blend should be.  If someone walks into your shop and asks for a “regular coffee”.. try to engage in a discussion about how and why there is no such thing.  If that doesn’t work, hand them a cup of this blend.  I guarantee that they will be happy.

It has a medium-light body, with a gentle acidity.  The high notes are enough to be interesting, and the middle-low notes are enough to keep you awake.  It is an excellent compliment to pastries, and is a perfect “all day” brew.

It makes a great gift for your friends or family who like coffee, but aren’t too keen on the idea of single origin or “fancy” coffee.  (whatever that means)

If espresso is your thing, I highly recommend giving Black Torpedo a try.

If you want an easy-to-drink ethically sourced and enjoyable cup of coffee, we recommend Andres’ Morning Cup.

Either way, your taste buds will be happy.. the caffeine is a given.

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  1. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to undertand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not tht good. I also found your entries very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!

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