Updates to Our Web Store

Updates to Our Web Store

by Jason Haeger

We have added Ratings!

You can now rate the coffee that you just enjoyed.  We know how much we want to share our great opinions with other people about coffees, tea, restaurants, you name it!  Now you can leave a little feedback for future enjoyers of AJ Coffee Company’s fine line of coffees.

Why can’t I rate?

Ah, yes.  Details.  In an effort to avoid what has already been done (and that is a bunch of accidental negative ratings from yours truly during implementation), we require that you be logged in to rate a coffee.

How do I log in?

Well, if you’ll look to your right, you’ll see a box for a user name and another one for your password.  If you have purchased from us already, you should have an account!  If you have not, then why do you want to rate a coffee that you haven’t tried?  Even so.. you can register by clicking the link entitled “Register” right below the log-in fields.

That’s a spiffy Add To Bag button you have there.

Why, thank you!  You like it?  It’s new too.

Did your product images get bigger, or am I just more drawn to pictures than usual?

Well.. you’ve found another new feature.  The product images are now ACTUAL SIZE.  You see, yours truly has done all of the web site work, including product images.  I’m kind of fond of the work I’ve done, and I was getting tired of the resizing resulting in blurry thumbnails.  I could have just cleared them up, but I thought, “Let’s just make them actual size!”

Why, that’s a snazzy new look!

About time, eh?  What, don’t you like gray and white themed web sites?  Don’t worry.. we’re here to take care of it.  Is there anything else  you’d like to confide in us today?  You can always contact us if you need to.


Is that all the news?  Don’t you have any new coffee or something?

Why, I’m glad you asked.  We do indeed have a new coffee that just arrived and is going through the development stages before being released into the wild.  It is an Ethiopian dry process with lots of fruit.  Keep an eye out for it.  It’s a killer brew.

Until next time… keep it interesting.

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