French Press (or press pot) is a very simple brewer that uses full submersion brewing, and uses a fine metal mesh filter.  Fans swear by its “rich” taste, and some say that it will improve the taste of whatever coffee you normally drink.

We think it’s an easy, straightforward way to properly brew an excellent cup of AJ Coffee.  While we disagree with the notion that it makes any coffee taste better, we do think that every kitchen should have one.

Brewing with a French Press is Simple

Start with a clean french press, fresh filtered or spring water, and the proper dose of AJ Coffee.
(appropriate to the size of the press and amount you wish to brew)

1.  Start heating your water.  Remember the Coffee Brewing Basics when deciding on your target temperature.  While the water is heating, weigh out your coffee (60g per liter of water), and grind it at a medium to coarse setting.  (Note which end of the spectrum you choose, as this will dictate the dwell time later)




2. When your brew water has almost reached its target temperature, remove the plunger assembly, empty your press1, add the freshly ground coffee to the carafe, and set the press on your scale and use the tare function.(if available)





3.  Start your timer and pour a couple of ounces of water into the carafe, on top of the coffee grounds.  If you can, try to evenly saturate the grounds.  Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute of time to allow the coffee to bloom.






4.  Stir the slurry, then pour the rest of the brew water into the carafe and place the plunger assembly back on top.  If you are paranoid about making sure every surface of coffee stays under water, you may depress the plunger slightly just so the metal filter screen is just under the surface.





5.  When there is 20-30 seconds dwell time left, begin pressing the plunger down, slowly and steadily, until it stops.  If you’ve timed it well, you will reach the bottom right when your dwell time has expired.  DO NOT press hard, or you risk over-extraction.  The idea is to collect the grounds together at the bottom of the carafe, not to squeeze them until they’re dry.






6.  Your coffee is brewed(!), but let it rest for about one minute to allow the fines to settle to the bottom.





7.  It is important to remember the settling nature of French Press coffee when pouring into cups.  This has been explained as very complex by many, but we think you can get pretty even-tasting cups with ease.  Pour each cup (in order) only half of intended fullness.  When you get to the last cup, pour all the way to intended fullness, and fill each cup likewise from the last to the first.  See?  Simple! (and tasty)



1You may choose to pre-heat your press pot by filling it with hot water from the tap once your brew water is heating.  If so, leave it full of hot water until your brew water comes close to its target temperature.

That’s All There Is To It!

Enjoy your French Press coffee!

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