YirgZ – Ethiopia (zero defect)

This is a ZERO DEFECT coffee from the Yirgacheffe coffee region of Ethiopia.  6 minutes per 10kg batch is given to hand sorting this grade 1 washed coffee, making it a supremely clean heirloom coffee from the beloved beverage's original place of birth.  What does this mean to you?  Well, dear coffee fanatic, it means that when you brew your mug from these beans, you are in for an exquisite coffee drinking experience.  This cup is fantastically floral, with a black-tea like tannin, and bergamot-like citrus.  I highly recommend a 5 minute pour-over method (like Chemex, Technivorm, BonaVita), which really seems to make this coffee sing.  The body turns into something reminding us of Kool-Aid, and the citrus sweetens and rounds out into reminding me of sweet orange into a very soft clean floral finish. Enjoy this with a scone, a muffin, or iced on a sunny day.

  • Altitude – 2,000+ meters
  • Processing – fully washed
  • Varietals – Heirloom varietals
  • Region – Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


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