Christmas Blend 2012: The Return of a Favorite

Christmas Blend 2012: The Return of a Favorite

by Jason Haeger

It’s back!  We are proud to introduce Christmas Blend from AJ Coffee Company for 2012!

Christmas is our favorite Holiday, and the season is definitely our favorite time of year.  We finally have a chill in the air, with a touch of snow in Dallas, and a little more in West Texas.  Radio stations are blasting your yearly favorite Christmas songs, neighbors are putting up lights, you’ve probably already decorated your own home, hung your stockings, and decorated your tree.  What’s missing?  A cup of coffee to match the festivities, of course!

What is it?

It’s coffee.  You mean what’s it made of?  Oh, right.  This year’s blend consists of 50% of our current offering from Guatemala, and 50% of the much loved natural process from Ethiopia, the Sidama Ardi.

Last year, the theme was pure celebration.  The way we see it, there are two options for a Christmas Blend: a comfortable cup, or a celebratory cup.  That’s when we asked ourselves, “why not both?”  So that’s what we did.

Both Comfortable, and Celebratory

“They” said it couldn’t be done.. but we’re here to prove “them” wrong. (whoever “they” are)  With a medium-heavy body laced with spice, pear and berry-like fruit, with a cocoa foundation, we knew we had a winner.

Pairs excellently with cookies, pies, gingerbread, Irish whiskey and whipped cream, fruit cake, pannetone, cordial cherries, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, laughter, good times, and great company.

Give When You Get: $2 of Every Bag Sold Goes to Charity

$2 for every 12oz or 1lb bag sold, and $3 for every 2lb bag sold through our web shop goes directly to Living Water International to help bring safe, clean water to communities in need.  With a mission we believe in, 99 projects in Ethiopia, and 97 projects in Guatemala (among other locales globally), we feel that this mission is worth supporting.

Plus, 10% OFF When You Buy Two or More!

When you buy 2 or more (of the same size) bags of Christmas Blend, get 10% off when you use the coupon code: SLEIGHRIDE

For your next Christmas party, do something different.  Bring the host a bag of our amazing Christmas Blend rather than the same old fare, and know that that good feeling you’ll get is well founded.


Never before has doing good tasted as good as it felt.

Order Yours TODAY!

Only $13.88 for a 12oz bag.

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