Grand Opening at Java The Hut – Plainview, TX

Grand Opening at Java The Hut – Plainview, TX

by Jason Haeger

Grand Opening at Java the Hut - Plainview, TXJava the Hut has undergone a few changes over the past few weeks.

It has been bought by new owners, the exterior has been repainted, including the cup sign, awnings, and a single logo identity has been established.

Their espresso machine went down recently, and they were unable to provide you with our delicious Black Torpedo espresso.  This was absolutely terrible timing for them.  You see, they had chosen last week for their Grand Opening to showcase the changes that have been made.

Well, they feel terrible about it, and they have decided to give this Grand Opening thing another chance.  From tomorrow (thursday, April 19th) through next thursday (April 26th) they are continuing the Grand Opening.

Everything is 25% off.

This is a limited time offering, so take advantage while you can by supporting the only shop serving the best espresso in Plainview, TX.

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